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Bathroom Remodel Basics

Harper Stone and Tile
Harper Stone and Tile September 17th, 2023

When we first start any new project, the first thing we do is apply plastic to doorways or entry points to the work areas and put paper runners on the floors to your front door. We do everything we can to minimize the dust in your house, even from walking back and forth from the work areas. We apply plastic over beds, blinds, furniture, cabinets, etc. We go the extra mile to keep your home livable.

After we cover everything we turn the water off for a short period of time while we dismantle the plumbing fixtures. This usually takes 30 minutes to 1 hour. Once that is complete we start with the demo process of removing the old finishes. The demo is not done like you see on the home improvement shows just blowing holes in stuff with hammers. We carefully cut the drywall with precise small power tools and remove the walls in large pieces. When tile demo is involved on walls and floors, is when we use a little more aggressive tactics with hammers and jackhammers for floors. Upon completion of the demo, we clean up the work area and cover the dump trailer where all garbage is stored daily.

The next process for your bathroom remodels is the plumbing scope of work where our Licensed Plumbing installs the rough-in valves and any other work that is in the wall or under slab for your new shower and free-standing tub. We dig out the old P-trap if we are relocating the drain and install a new P-trap at the new drain location. We then drill holes in the slab to insert rebar dowels and pour high-strength concrete to finish the plumbing rough in scope for your shower and tub remodel.

Once the plumbing scope is complete the tile work can begin. If we have new cabinetry for your bathroom remodel we install it prior to tile work for built-ins or upon completion for free-standing cabinets. The tile work layout is confirmed for width, height, direction, and any pattern work. The tile work can take from 3 to 8 days to complete depending on the size and complexity of your particular bathroom remodel.

After the tile work is done, new paint is completed then the plumbing fixtures, new lighting, and mirrors are installed for your new shower and stand-alone tub. We clean up the paper and plastic and you are set to enjoy your beautiful newly remodeled bathroom.